Filing of VAT/CST return is mandatory if one is dealing in trading of goods and is a registered dealer under State VAT and CST laws. If a dealer is only dealing in trading of goods within a particular State (where registration is sought) then only return under State VAT law is to be filed and no need arises to file a CST return but if trading of goods is effected inter-state i.e. from one state to another, then the requirement for CST registration arises and returns need to be filed.

Returns can be filed either monthly or quarterly and that frequency is determined basis the turnover of the registered concern.. Due dates for filing VAT/CST returns varies from State to State since every State has its own law implemented for its territory. To check the last date of filing return for your State, kindly refer to this list.


Step 1: Select the applicable plan by clicking “BUY NOW”

Step 2: Kindly provide details of your sales and purchases effected, as required in the form

Step 3: Upload necessary documents, as required

Step 4: Click on checkout and you will be redirected to payment screen

Step 5: Make payment

Step 6: We will contact you for further clarifications, if any

Step 7: After processing all the data, collected from you, we will calculate the tax payable and share the details with you

Step 8: Make payment of tax and email us a copy of challan to enable us file your return. Please ensure to mention your firm name and TIN no. in the email body

Step 9: After filing your return, we will send you a confirmation mail along with a copy of return and filing acknowledgment

Step 10 : Mail back the signed acknowledgment so that we can upload the same and provide you a final uploading receipt

(Note: “Step 10” is not applicable for everyone but for dealers registered in a State, where the concerned State make it a mandatory requirement to upload signed acknowledgment and download a final receipt like in State of Uttar Pradesh)



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Rs. 500

Filing of VAT return where dealer is registered in one State only

Dealers having turnover less than Rs. 15 lakhs


Rs. 1000

Filing of VAT and CST return

Dealers having turnover of less than Rs 50 lakhs

Dealers effecting stock transfers


Rs. 1500

Filing of VAT and CST return

Filing of work contract return

Dealers effecting stock transfers

Filing return under Entry tax laws


Rs. 2000

Filing of VAT and CST return

Filing of work contract return including dealers who have opted for composition schemes

Dealers efffecting stock transfers

Filing return under Entry tax laws

Filing details of Work Contract Tax deducted and paid

Turnover by transfer of right to use

Filing return under Entertainment tax laws